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buying air force one would be like that but with a plane. everybody slow down. best thing on in the world today. the "first look" is up next. good morning. right now on "first look requests. the man at the center of the horror in cleveland could face thousands of charges and death. his mother spoke to reporters. >> i have a very sick son who has done something very serious. i'm suffering a lot. >> and a massive bank heist. details are fascinating. plus a famed gold medalist dies in san francisco bay. prince harry makes waves a the white house and beyond. kobe bryant gives his mom a mother's day gift she'll never forget, a lawsuit.
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good morning. cleveland prosecutors are vowing to pursue murder charges against ariel castro, the man accused of keeping three women hostage for more than a decade. the murder charges would be for terminating several pregnancies, forcing miscarriages by starving and beating one of the women. yesterday prosecutors ordered him held on $8 million bond. >> based on the facts, i fully intend to seek charges for each and every act of sexual violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault. >> we're also hearing from castro's mother lillian rodriguez who says her son is very sick. >> translator: i ask forgiveness for the mothers. i'm suffering for my son. my son is sick and i have nothing to do with what my son did. leave me alone because i'm a mother and i'm suffering too.
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>> horrifying details are emerging about the girls' suffering. sources tell us that in a 2004 suicide note castro blamed michele knight, gina dejesus and amanda berry for their own kidnappings. he says he could not control his impulses. sources also say he a i peered do cocky during his investigation. we're also getting a glimpse into his past. the mother of his children who died last year described him as a monster. she tells the associated press castro terrorized her, shoved her down a flight of stairs and dislocated her shoulder. now to a story of bank robbery in the digital age. seven people have been indicted in a massive high-tech heist of atm machines spanning 27 countries. the total haul, $45 million.
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$2.4 million of that was stolen in new york city alone. gang of criminals hacked their way into a data base of credit cards and drained cash machines and it didn't take long. the $45 million disappeared in a matter of hours in december and february. >> become a virtual flash mob going from machine to machine drawing as much money as they can before the accounts are shut down. >> incredibly federal officials say no individuals lost any mon money. now to the civil war in syria. turkey's prime minister says syria's government has used chemical weapons against their own people and there's proof of patients who were injured. the prime minister will share all that information with president obama when they meet next week in washington. he spoke exclusively with nbc's
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ann curry. >> so, has. assad crossed president obama's red line. >> translator: long time ago. it's been long time ago. >> more of ann curry's interview will air later today on the "today" show. president obama was revisiting his commit ms from the state of the union address. while the gun control debate eclipsed the economic agenda, he says his focus is still on creating jobs in a sluggish economy. >> i've spent the day in austin talking with folks about what we can do to reignite the true engine of america's economic growth, a thriving, rising middle class and a dynamic cutting edge economy. >> the president also announced competitions for three manufacturing hubs hoping congress will make a $1 billion
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investment for 15 such hubs nationwide. the sailing world lost a champion. 2008 olympic gold medalist andrew bart simpson died in the san francisco bay. he and the crew were training for the america's cup races when the vessel overturned trapping him underwater for several minutes. all other crew members have been ked for but the entire team is devastated by what happened. and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. how would you like to own air force one? this dc-9 served former presidents and other officials for $50,000. that's a deposit to check it out and place your bid. legalizing same-sex marriage goes to the senate after it was
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passed by the house. in missouri the house passed a bill that says teachers can be fired if they are told to bring a gun to school and they don't do it. next to colorado where john hickenlooper will sign a measure into law to allow same day voter registration. it it passed without a single republican vote. congress needs your help. a new bipartisan tax website has been created by senator max baucus and dave camp. it's called taxreform gov and asks for ideas from the american people on simplifying the tax code. 90-year-old tax republican ralph hall is the oldest member. he he says he will run for reelection and his mission is to put a republican back in the white house. call it it bad timing for texas senator ted cruz. mr. obama was headed to austin as news broke that people filed
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a jobless krams was a fiver year low. he showed a photo of president saying yeah, to talk about jobs. cruz added, hold up, what do you know about creating jobs and showed a grim picture of the president. i guess he missed the economic news. that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. what was first thought to be a gust nato has been upgraded. no injuries or damage were reported. and for more on the weather, dylan drieyer is here. >> that's associated with a updraft. i can talk about the difference, but i'm glad the problem is sofl solved now. we're going to see another round of strong storms. down through louisiana into
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mississippi, through the morning and into this afternoon too. we're also going to see stronger storms around the great lakes. we could end. up with the potential of hail and also some strong, gusty winds. look at the torrential rain in mississippi and southeastern louisiana. inches of rain are possible in both areas. we will see the biggest threat being large hail and strong win winds. not so much tornado activity in that area. still those storms will be strong. >> sounds good. thanks so much, dylan. the body of the boston bombing suspect is finally laid to rest but no one knows where. plus prince harry takes washington by storm. "first look is back in 3." [ children laughing ]
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some stories making news this morning. an anonymous person stepped forward to bury the body of tamerlan tsarnaev. the location remains a secret.
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north korea says a meeting between the u.s. and south korea's president is a prelude to war. they called the visit with president obama a despicable trip to please her master. jodi arias's sentencing hearing has been postponed until may 15th. she's now on suicide watch after moving to a psychiatric ward. after the verdict she told reporters she preferred death. a frightening story you of california. a 63-year-old woman died yesterday after she was fatally mauled by a pack of four pit bulls while jogging near her ho home. police are still searching for those dogs. in australia, lucky spectators in the outback witnessed a partial solar eclipse. portions were visible in western australia and other areas of the south pacific. it's that time again. . the top baby names of 2012.
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jacob is number one for the 12th year in a row. sophia is the top name two years running. now to your business headlines. seema mody joins us. >> apple's music streaming service has hit a snag. talks of major record labels have stalled over song royalties. amazon is developing a high-end 3-did smart phone. images may float above the screen and could navigate by using their eyes. mcdonald's is pulling the angus burger as beef prices are hitting a ten-year high, a rul of last year's drought. a milestone for the u.s. dollar. improving economic data drove the green back above 10 y0 yen friday sending stocks to a five-year high. here at home the the housing sector is recovering so fast in some areas home builders and contractors in california can,
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texas and florida say they can't find enough people to hire. all of that building and buying means uncle sam is about to get a big check from fannie mae. their record first quarter profit will net the treasury a $59 billion dividend. check next month. elsewhere we knew it was coming. youtube is now charging a few dollars a month or per clip for channels ranging from sesame street to ufc. regulators are in talks to speed up your wifi by using satellite air waves instead of earth-based signals. whole foods is recalling a chicken and vegan chicken salad after the two were mislabeled and mixed up at some of its stores this week. and check it out. a soda truck jackknifed and spilled mountains of dew on to the road in pennsylvania. the sea of green boxes and blue creates backed up traffic for
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tell your doctors you are taking xarelto® before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit it's time for a deeper look a the top political stories of the day. joining me is kevin cirilli. we had a busy news week. one of the things that got lost
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in the shuffle is the first secret service agent caught up in the columbian prosecution scandal has spoken out. what did he have sto say? >> he told cbs news that he and six other agents wrapped up in the scandal in columbia have yet to receive due process. they are still in limbo. their status with the agency still in limbo. they haven't received a hearing. they want their jobs back and they want due process. >> another thing that got lost in the fix, joe biden did an interview with "rolling stone" and revealed information about his relationship with the president. >> he told "rolling stone requests they are extremely close. he sits in on all of meetings and his senate chair, president obama's senate seat, they get a chance to purchase their chairs after their leave office
2:19 am
actually went to hunter biden, joe biden's son and beau biden received the vice president's chair. so they are very close. their wives are close. they have a great relationship. >> since it's the end of week, let's take a little bit of a look back to who are our big political winners and losers this week. what do you say? >> for the winner, i'm going to have to go with mark sanford. he had a huge comeback this week. he beat elizabeth colbert bush in what was seen as an upset victory for him after his extramarital affair scandal. he's making a political comeback. the biggest loser, governor chris christie's weight critics. chris christie really has used -- turned this negative into a positive as he drops the pounds. it's going to be interesting to see if he's able to relate more and connect more with voters who
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struggle with their weight. >> i'm going to have to agree with both of those picks. kevin, thank you for being here this morning. >> thanks for having me. speaking of the week that was, from shocking verdicts to big wave wipeouts let's take a look back at the week. the sound of history and money being made as the dow blasted above 15,000 for the first time ever. three cleveland women kidnapped a decade ago are home safe and sound. one remains in the hospital. and the sensational trial of jodi arias comes to an end. scary moments on the end where a hit-and-run driver turned a calm looking man sbo a hood orn m. and an air show took a tragic turn in front of thousands of spectators. in south carolina macsanford beat elizabeth colbert bush. >> my sister lost. how could this happen? i was so sure she had won because cnn called it for
2:21 am
sanford. >> surfing's best took home billabong gold for the gnarly waves. things got heated for bieber, but there was no hope for this guy whose shot at getting his shot in a kiss cam moment was a strikeout. no need to struggle over ikea furniture, this robot has you covered. aadorable hippo and an elephant mommy and her child. and chris christie admitted to having lap band symptomage surgery and came down on one unlucky spider. >> please know that the governor saved that spider from a far worst fate. >> that cracks me up.
2:22 am
school kids are merciless. >> kids and animals, there's always torture involved. >> dylan is back with the weather. >> it's going to be pretty rainy kroos the gulf coast. we have the cold front draped across the middle of the country. ahead it of it we're going to see stronger storms. ohio and pennsylvania could end up with large hail and heavy downpours with gusty winds and also through new orleans and into mississippi, we could end up with large hail. the damaging winds and heavy downpours too. new york city topping out about 80 degrees this afternoon. boston making it up to 76. those thunderstorms in washington, d.c. and atlanta shouldn't move in until late in the day. washington topping out around 85 degrees. 66 today in minneapolis. by the time we get into the weekend, saturday's highs should be in the lower 50s. it's going to cool off again in that area. >> looking forward to a beautiful friday. thank you so much, dylan. just ahead, the dog is out.
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kobe bryant is play iing hey defense these days. not on the basketball court but in court. the l.a. lakers star is in a dispute with his mom over his former childhood things. she received an advance, but in court filings this week kobe said he never gave his mom those things or authorized her to sell them. he's suing the auction house to stop the sale. his mom would have to return the advance which she's reportedly used to buy a house.
2:27 am
happy mother's day. the royal bad boy known as prince harry is taking the nation's capital by storm. during his first trip to u.s. since his vegas romp, he's so far managed to keep his clothes on. he arrived at the white house for a week-long trip. e he even stopped by the white house unexpectly for afternoon tea where he helped children make mother's day gifts. he heads to colorado today for an olympic-style wounded warriors games. even with big stars like leonardo dicaprio. it will not be able to topple "iron man 3" expected to bring in $71 million this weekend. "spider man" has been shooting in new york. randy jackson announced he's
2:28 am
leaving the show after 12 years. he was the final original judge. "extra" host mario lopez revealed he was recently bitten by a spider saying it it looks like i have a small elbow growing from my jaw. when asked pr picture cans, i look like an alien, no picks. almost immediately news came out that the company is planning a "24" revival. jack is coming back. billy joel armstrong is apparently not a huge fan of psy calling him the herpes of music. he replied. i like it, i'm the herpes that keeps coming back. tune in for "snl" this weekend for kristen whig.
2:29 am
i love this. >> they are such good hosts because they know the whole rundown. that's what they do. >> i love "bridesmaids." stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. this isn't good. recently eight hackers were arrested for stealing $45 million from u.s. banks. have you heard about this? it's kind of a complicated story. luckily an expert at cbs managed to praek it down for us. >> those are the hackers. the backers pay the hackers. then you go to the cashers. once the backers have paid the hackers. >> even dr. seuss is like, slow
2:30 am
down. >> totally agree. more on that later in the show. good morning. i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." thanks for being up with us this morning on this friday, may 10th. did the intelligence community miss out when not sharing information? we'll hear testimony from congress. lawmakers move towards a compromise on immigration. while it could lead to a whole new tone in d.c. but first our top story, the man charged with kidnap iping three women and keeping them in captivity for nearly ten years may face the death penalty. ariel castro made his first appearance in court yesterday and we're getting a better idea of what charges may be on the way. >> reporter: for the first time since his arrest, the public saw 52-year-old ariel castro. the former school bus driver accused

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